The Vegetarian & Vegan Guide to the UK

From the bustling streets of London to the serene countryside of Cornwall, every corner of the UK has its own gastronomic story to tell. Think of the iconic fish and chips, a dish that evokes memories of seaside towns and the salty breeze of the British coast. Or the Cornish pasty, with its flaky pastry and savoury filling, tells tales of miners and hardworking communities. Yet, as the world evolves, so does the British culinary scene and the rise of veganism and vegetarianism has ushered in a new era of British cuisine, where traditional dishes are being reinterpreted with a plant-based twist.

The full English breakfast, a feast of bacon, eggs, and sausages, now has its vegan counterpart, complete with vegan sausages, scrambled tofu, and grilled tomatoes.

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